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Mafia has its own stores in different cities around the world where you can find our full product line. In each of store, we try to stay true to our Ocean and sustainable roots by offering a unique environment created by reusing different materials to come up with the in-store displays. From old wood pallets, to sawhorses and second hand vintage speakers, our stores are a reflection of our brand. No matter which store you walk in to, you will always feel good about being there. We also try to keep an open source approach to our in house manufacturing, so while you’re shopping for your new Mafia you can see us working next to you, and we love it when you interrupt us to ask questions about our work.

Our stores

We also partner with many independent stores nation wide to sell a selection of our products. Just​ like each of our ​bags, every store is unique. This is why we carefully select the stores we partner with, and we keep a close relationship with each one of them. Don’t expect to receive a uniform catalog from us. Our approach is to make a custom selection of styles and colors to offer each retail store, after having an insight of the type of customers they cater to.

We mainly work with three different types of independent stores:

- Urban: Boutique fashion stores, indie stores, specialty stores.

- Ocean inspired: Boutique surf and sport-oriented stores.

- Specialty and design: museum stores, gift shops, art supply, etc.