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Savage Industries EDC TWO

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  • Constructed primarily from upcycled and salvaged sailcloth, every bag is unique.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Bag comes with a web strap, as shown in the photos.
  • Each bag is identified with a hand written serial number indicating the model and production number.
  • Bags come wrapped in tissue paper printed with a drawing of my original toolboxes.
  • Hook and loop on the outside for patch and identification 
  • Pencil holder/pocket on the inside 
  • Wide spring steel supported clamshell mouth 
  • Para-aramid synthetic fiber reinforced base
  • Machine washable
  • Lifetime repair warranty on stitching and construction 

"With the overwhelmingly positive response to the release of the EDC ONE in November of ’17, I immediately decided that I wanted to make a second bag for two reasons.

First, the EDC ONE was sized for me and my specific needs, but I could see use for a smaller version that also pairs well with the original. I resolved to make a smaller bag, while retaining the same tool bag aesthetic.

Second, some fans expressed disappointment in the cost of the EDC ONE. It’s as inexpensive as I can make it, while still keeping manufacturing in the United States. So I did my best to provide an alternative product for those who would really like to have one.

The EDC TWO is here. We made it about 30% smaller than its predecessor, and 35% less expensive. Getting the new size correct was a far more difficult design challenge than I expected. Simply scaling down all three dimensions yielded a weird looking bag that looked more like a toy than a tool bag. Eventually, after about 4 prototypes, we dialed in on a set of dimensions that felt exactly right.

To reduce manufacturing costs, Marcos and his amazing team designed the bag to be made out mainly of one big piece of fabric, instead of the 5 that comprise the EDC ONE. The interior pocket holds two pens instead of five, and we simplified how the shoulder strap attaches to the bag, without sacrificing the strength of that connection. The EDC TWO is still a tool bag, still white (so you can find stuff inside), still inspired by Neil Armstrong’s McDivitt purse, and is still made of recycled sailcloth. It’s just as indestructible (I’ve been traveling with the final prototype for a couple of months now), and like its predecessor the EDC ONE, will always be available. It’s an unlimited edition." - @Adam

SIZE: 12”L x 10”H x 6”W / 305mmL x 254mmH x 153mmW 
WEIGHT:  1.06lbs or 16.9 oz / 479g or 0.479kg