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The process that we use to transform used sails (kiteboarding, windsurfing, and boat sails) into unique, versatile, and design-focused products consists of five stages:


Spending more time in the Ocean than on land, we have been always amazed by the rainbow of colors in the sky coming from all the different sails. We would ask ourselves where these sturdy, lightweight, vivid sails ended up, and the answer was simple: in landfills. We couldn’t bear this thought, and that’s when we decided sails would become our main raw material.


This is the part were the magic happens, and the reason why we do 100% of our sail cutting by hand in our workshop in San Francisco. Sails have different shapes and colors, and in order to produce great looking bags it is imperative that we cut them one at a time instead of stacking them. We first dismantle each sail to remove all hardware, then we use our patterns to hand-cut unique pieces from it.


Each piece is then washed. However, washing the sail doesn’t mean that all stains come out. The beauty of working with used sails is that each one of them carries a story, and these stories are written in marks that will remain on the sail forever. We do our best to remove stains, but when they remain we happily let them be, as we believe they give the sail life.


At this stage everything is ready to come together. Sails, specialty fabric, and hardware are hand-sewn to create a new bag. Custom products and small accessories are handmade in our workshop, while we use third-party local contract manufacturers for backpacks and large-scale productions. We currently work with two local contract manufacturers, both located in California, who hand-sew certain of our products. Our production manager regularly visits these facilities to make sure working environments and product quality are in line with our standards.


Once the bag is complete, it will be in our workshop in San Francisco, ready for delivery or in-store purchase. We are meticulous in our production process, and that’s why we offer a lifetime warranty for defects in materials and craftsmanship on all our products. Whether you choose to stop by our shop, buy it online, or get it through one of our retailers, your Mafia bag will be ready to take you on new adventures around the world.