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Savage Industries EDC ONE

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  • Pencil holder/pocket on the inside.
  • Magnets hold the handles together upright.
  • Wide spring steel supported clamshell mouth .
  • Para-aramid synthetic fiber reinforced base.
  • Hook and loop on the inside bottom to add functionality.
  • Optional hook and loop on the outside for patch identification. Choose which style you prefer to add to your cart.
  • Machine washable.
  • Lifetime repair warranty on stitching and construction.
  • Constructed primarily from upcycled and salvaged sailcloth, every bag is unique.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Bag comes with a web strap, as shown in the photos.
  • Each bag is identified with a hand written serial number indicating the model and production number.
  • Bags come wrapped in tissue paper printed with a drawing of my original toolboxes. 

The materials in your bag have already lived an adventurous life. Now it's your turn.

"I have, and have always had, a bag problem. I use them constantly: for carrying tools, notebooks, or computers. I use them for shop work, when I'm in production, and for travel. I'm hard on my stuff and I’ve spent my life on the hunt for the perfect bag. One that fits my desire for utility, simplicity, durability, and also looks. I have collected over a hundred bags and tool boxes and while I have some excellent pieces, I’ve never found the bag of my dreams. So I decided to make it myself. This bag is similar in form to the aluminum doctor's bags I built and used as a modelmaker in the film industry for 15 years. It is also inspired by Neil Armstrong’s Purse that he took to the moon and stored some Apollo hardware in. Made here in the US and constructed primarily from recycled sailcloth, every bag is unique. It’s also nearly indestructible. Durable and lightweight, it's ideal for whatever your need. It can be a tool bag. A camera bag. An overnight bag. It’s a literal blank canvas.

I kept it simple, focusing on access to contents and durability. The color is chosen because I love NASA, but more importantly because all other tool bags are dark and that is wrong: I’ve spent too long not being able to find things at the bottom of my toolbags. This ends now." - @Adam

SIZE:  15.5"L x 10"H x 8"W / 395mmL x 255mmH x 205mmW
WEIGHT:  1.6lbs or 25.6 oz. / 750g or 0.75kg